Professional writing services

Delivered on time

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We agree on a delivery date/time – and the work will be there, whether it’s researched feature articles, website wording, a letter, or a business proposal.

Original writing

paper clipWell chosen words elicit a response from their reader – allow me to promote your ideas, needs, and interests with creative flair. You’ll shine, and that’s my intention.

Save time

paper clipDedicate your skills to the jobs no-one else can do and delegate your writing to someone who loves it, and has the skills to present you, and/or your message accurately.

Why pay for a good writer?

When it matters, use a writer. They know how to get at the heart of your ideas and present them in ways that attract attention and win business.

Writing is a skill.  It’s a learned craft which is improved by years of experience.  Highly talented writers produce great works of literary art, but even the most talented of them have usually studied the craft.

Inexperienced writers save money at their own expense – something they cannot recognise until the effects of their writing have been seen.

Professionally written, well-ordered and properly proofed proposals stand out. When a contractor/job, or funding applicant takes the trouble to produce a polished proposal, it’s likely they will deliver with care on the contract. Poor spelling, syntax, and grammar often undermine a proposal’s chance of success by suggesting carelessness. Usually the submitter isn’t told of the reason for this failure.

A good writer will immediately engage and then retain the reader’s interest for the duration of the document, be it a letter or a book.

Keeping a reader’s attention starts with a well-crafted opening which engages their curiosity. Once they’re curious, bump-free reading holds them. Refining the sequence of ideas, and transitions between ideas, to create a logical flow is an essential part of good writing. The reader should not be interrupted by a bumpy comma, or a misspelt word. Each little bump distracts attention and increases the risk of losing the reader before your message is complete.

A good writer constantly refers back to the purpose of the writing so that anything irrelevant to that purpose is simply cut out, leaving the document clear to the eye and accessible to the reader’s inner ear.

Paying for quality writing is not an issue of cost, but one of valuable benefit to the purchaser.

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