Beetle Mania


Dung beetles offer many benefits to New Zealand farmers: better soils, pastures and waterways. Entomologist Dr Shaun Forgie, is a world expert on these extraordinary insects. He breeds unusual livestock whose business is to eat the business of herbivorous mammals. He and his business partner Andrew Barber raise dung beetles at one of the world’s […]

Charlie the Commentator – No.6

Charlie loves to be busy and has several favourite toys.  One of them is an old pink stud earring.  It’s metal and glitters – just his specialty.  He spends lots of time twirling it in his mouth, dropping it over the side of the dresser, and trying to remove the rubber stopper (he’s finally managed […]

Charlie the Commentator – 5

Charlie is still a baby, not yet six months old, but every day he ranges further out of his comfort zone, and sometimes get’s himself into sticky situations.  He likes to have a warm shower, and will stand, neck craned, gulping water from a single jet of water he has identified among the many jets. […]

Charlie the Commentator – 4

Charlie is extraordinarily curious.  He simply must investigate everything.  If his beak hasn’t knocked it and his tongue hasn’t tested it, the job isn’t done.  Amongst the vegetable peelings Charlie experiments with everything and occasionally when assistance plays him for a fool and offers him garlic, he persists until he can eat it without head-flinging. […]

Charlie the Commentator – 3

Charlie comes a cropper every now and then…well, almost daily.  He backs up on the kitchen bench, taking absolutely no markers for where the sink is, and thus often finds himself in the bottom of it, struggling to stay upright on a large pile of cutlery. Or, mis-stepping from the hand of assistance to the […]