Review – Yvonne Rust: Maverick Spirit – Helen Martin

  Published in the Helensville Community News – Issue 108 – November 2018 Helensville has many artists, as we see by the fabulous variety of work on display each year during Labour Weekend’s Arts in the Ville. Ask any of them about the source of their inspiration and one thing they’ll talk about is the […]

Review Yvonne Rust: Maverick Spirit – Michael Godfrey

First a disclaimer. I know the author. We’re Facebook friends and we’ve even met in unpixellated life. We worked on a common project without knowing each other, and met subsequently. Her coffee is great, and was it pecan pie? Something magnificent. Aotearoa New Zealand is a small country. So small. Years ago I worked in […]

Review by Philippa Jamieson – Editor Organic NZ

Yvonne Rust: Maverick Spirit by Theresa Sjoquist (David Ling, 2011)

  I’d never heard of Yvonne Rust before reading this, so it’s just as well Theresa Sjoquist has written a biography of this remarkable potter, painter and art teacher (1922-2002), so we can all read about this determined, talented, inspiring, eccentric and indomitable woman. Rust has been hugely influential on a generation of artists and […]

Yvonne Rust sketching skills

Classically trained in art at Canterbury College of Art in Christchurch (today’s Ilam, a part of Canterbury University), Yvonne Rust, QSM, had strong sketching skills. Here is an image of a sketch she did of the Beehive (New Zealand’s parliamentary building), alongside a painting which incorporates the building.