From the Good Earth

Greg Barron and Jin Ling are internationally renowned clay artists based at Glenbervie near Whangarei. Adept at converting raw earth into vessels and sculptural forms of great beauty, it’s no surprise they chose to build their workshop, gallery, and three-bedroom home from the good earth, ‘poured earth’ in fact. Earth building stronghold Greg managed the […]


Piko Wholefoods – 40 years of co-operation

Piko Wholefoods opened in March 1979 at 225 Kilmore Street, Christchurch, as part of a larger project conceived by Rod Donald, Hans and Janice Schaeper, and Keith and Pauline Whiting, then all in their late 20s. The project was directed by concepts of self-sufficiency and community – a sustainable urban vision which included a housing […]

Feeding the Soil from the Sea

Pacific Biofert is a family run organic fertiliser business. Managed today by Bill Sinclair, Pacific Biofert began as a small farm. Clive Sinclair, Bill’s father, began work in his father’s small family flour-packing business. Clive’s father was General Manager of Northern Roller Mills (NRM), a large supplier of stock foods. Seeing a gap in the […]

Review Yvonne Rust: Maverick Spirit – Michael Godfrey

First a disclaimer. I know the author. We’re Facebook friends and we’ve even met in unpixellated life. We worked on a common project without knowing each other, and met subsequently. Her coffee is great, and was it pecan pie? Something magnificent. Aotearoa New Zealand is a small country. So small. Years ago I worked in […]