Is narrative critical?

Narrative is touted as the critical component of any story, but there is a nearer critical component.  That of the space for narrative, the capacity for story. It is the imagination which is critical, then a platform upon which to explore it. The rendering of the tale, the narrative, is a skill and one which […]

Driving the Future – Electric Vehicle Practicalities

  In the late 1800s and early 1900s vehicles were powered roughly equally by steam, electricity, or fossil fuels. Henry Ford’s wife drove an electric vehicle (EV) that was powered by nickel iron batteries, still operable today. A Northland story In 2011 Nissan introduced the LEAF, a wholly electric vehicle. The LEAF was $70,000 in […]

Management of Biographical Research

    It’s a good idea to think through the practicalities of managing a lot of research data, both hard copy and digital. It’s surprising how often a biographer will go back to a source for more information. You need to be able to put your finger quickly on information which links to new material […]