Opua by Yvonne Rust - 1989

Opua by Yvonne Rust – 1989

Yvonne Rust, QSM, was more than a painter and a pioneering potter. She had the gift of human connection, so much so, that people invariably felt that she was their special friend, and this made them open to her.

Once a student was open, Rust could create the space for extraordinary learning, and it was in this way that she inspired so many of today’s artists, potters, jewellers, architects, theatre directors, arts educators, sculptors, and many other creatives, many of whom are still contributing to New Zealand’s culture and heritage: Sir Jon Trimmer (Ballet Dancer), Raymond Hawthorne (Theatre Director), Graeme North (EcoArchitect), Fiona Christeller (Architect), Stephanie Sheehan (Painter), Michael Trumic and John Crawford (both well-known potters who passed in the last couple of years, John Madden (Painter), Ian Boustridge (Greenstone Sculptor), Ian Dalzell (Potter), Faith McManus (Printmaker), John S Parker (Painter, David Sarich (Painter), plus many more.

Her story is a great read but it’s also an introduction to bedrock culture in NZ.

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