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I recognise the idealism, but also the possibility in the concept of peace.  Your BUT, is the thing that everyone says, thus taking away from your capacity to imagine a world of peace. Oh yes, they say, peace would be marvellous BUT it will never happen, BUT there’s too much against it, BUT there’ll always be war, BUT BUT But.

Mass acknowledgement of the POSSIBILITY of peace (not the probability – which refers to whether or not it will happen), but to possibility (which refers to whether or not it could happen in the right conditions) would result in the seeking, and finding, of a way to make peace come about. It won’t exist without first the capacity to imagine it, but it will be impossible for peace to exist, if we cannot agree that it’s possible, no matter how wild and outrageous the idea is.

Peace is not the issue here. The issue is the human capacity to imagine a world of peace. To enable the possibility of peace through the imagination.

That there is no memory of a world in which all races, creeds, etc were equal, does not mean that it cannot happen.  To rely on the past to inform our future is a sure recipe for pain and war.  We must rely on our imaginations to create a new world.

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