Sandy Bay - Photo Theresa Sjoquist

Peace is possible – that is all that matters.

If we accept that peace is possible, and then set about imagining for ourselves a world in peace, we can make that possibility a reality.  That reality will struggle for air when precedent is relied upon as a proof of impossibility.

I enjoy peace in the quivering stamen of a pink hibiscus bobbing in the breeze; in the clouds burling into pictorial messages; the sound of an operatic aria reaching for resolution; in the eye of my cockatiel who dares venture now onto my finger when not so long ago my hands represented creatures of  utter malevolence.  I find peace in the river moving past my door carrying with it the logs of last week’s storm.  Seek peace, and you shall find it.  I hope that wasn’t something Jesus said, but if he did, he was on to it!

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