A feature article is a magazine-style story of generally between 500-2500 words on a researched subject, usually entailing at least one interview, and always accompanied by good quality, hi-res images.

Theresa generally carries unpublished exclusive magazine-style features in stock for publishers who need something urgently. Feature stock is normally in the arts or rural arenas but there are exceptions. Previously published features are also available for sale.

Use features to entertain and inform and to engage the reader in your publication.

Feature Articles:


Articles are stories, often researched but sometimes written from the writer’s own knowledge, on any subject of publishable interest.

In print, articles are utilised mainly as newspaper or magazine copy and can run to anything from 200-1500 words. They are also commonly used in the digital world to provide information and to attract traffic to websites.

Appropriate images often accompany articles, but this is by no means a rule.

Well-written articles inform or entertain, and ideally, do both.  They keep the reader hooked to the publication or website and make them hungry for more.  Entertaining, informative articles are the backbone of publishing, in print and online.

Ezine Articles:

Example lighter boating column for Whangarei Leader

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