To hold the ear of a crowd is a privilege 

I fell into public speaking through the recognition that that I would have to launch my book eventually, so joined Toastmasters in 2009 to learn some skills. The discovery that I enjoyed speaking was a surprise and I joined the National Speakers Association and began to speak outside of Toastmasters. Today I speak regularly, and welcome your enquiries.

Choose presentations from:

  • – Yvonne Rust, QSM – the research and writing for a New Zealand arts icon biography, Yvonne Rust:Maverick Spirit
  • – Yvonne Rust, the painter
  • – Yvonne Rust, and the use of New Zealand’s natural resources
  • – Gratitude
  • – The impact of unwitting blame culture on us as individuals, and on the greater society




Have you considered what the outcome would be if no-one indulged in blame; there were no excuses? 

Most people abdicate personal responsibility frequently. It’s ingrained in our societal psyche, hidden as a social norm. When our eyes are opened to our own unconscious victimhood and what it costs us personally, we shift to becoming pro-active go-getters.

Who Owns Your Success is an inspirational presentation that uncovers the socially-sanctioned victimhood most of us unconsciously engage in on a daily basis because it’s so normal. The mindset which blame engenders is easily shifted once we’re made aware of it and most people are surprised by how often they engage in it. I’m sorry I’m late, the car broke down, the alarm didn’t go off, there was an accident, the kids were sick.

What are you really saying?

  • Discover hidden socially-sanctioned victimhood attitudes
  • Learn the effects of blame
  • Learn the option to finger-pointing and become people who are trusted and valued
  • Stop the ‘passing-the-buck’ syndrome
  • Handle problems effectively
  • Raise your bottom line

Work with people whom other people trust, and who accept a problem as requiring addressing, rather than requiring the search for someone to blame. Who Owns Your Success opens eyes.


Thanks very much for the stimulating and interesting session – U3A Browns Bay – 2015

Well illustrated – gave a vivid, well-balanced picture of the personality of Yvonne Rust – U3A Ponsonby – 2015

Excellent presentation and enthusiastic delivery – Takapuna U3A – 2014

Professional, eloquent, enthusiastic and excellent Power Point presentation. Appreciated your attention to detail in your emails – Hibiscus Coast U3A – 2013

Lively, informative, and entertaining – U3A Devonport – 2013

Your presentation was very complete and uplifting. Your enthusiasm and knowledge was a joy to listen to – U3A Hobsonville – 2013

A great presentation, Theresa – Waikato Society of Potters – 2013

Well presented, articulate, enthusiastic – Auckland Society of Potters – 2013

Articulate speaker, lots of photos and good Power Point presentation, good length – Whangarei Genealogy Society – 2012

Thank you for your interesting, informative, and beautifully presented presentation. We enjoyed your bubbly style – Helensville Lions Club – 2012

Your enthusiasm and knowledge of Yvonne’s life and work were very enjoyable – U3A Whangarei – 2012

Thank you so much. You were a delightful presenter – Waikato University – 2012

Your passion, enthusiasm, and the knowledge you had of your subject made Yvonne come alive for us – Dargaville Rotary – 2012

We liked the personal examples you gave to illustrate your points – Whangarei Lunchtime Rotary – 2011

Very good message that everyone needs to hear and understand – The Professionals – Glenbarry Real Estate – 2011




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