Today copywriting is thought of as the art of selling a product or service by the use of text alone.  That text has to do one of two things: convert the viewer from a reader to an enquirer (at which point it becomes your job to sell); or convert the reader from curiosity, to pushing the Buy Now button.

Purchasing copy is the most important choice you’ll make when setting up your website, or looking for a smart business/personal profile, or advertorial, indeed, any type of copy.

I offer:

  • 20 years experience in print advertising sales
  • I understand what it takes to hook a look
  • 32 years experience as a writer with a savvy, imaginative style
  • The firing up of buyer imaginations
  • Your concepts translated into dollars, hits, likes
  • Good grammar, spelling and syntax
  • A heap of ideas

Copywriting is about more than just sales. It’s about connection, and maintaining connection, and that can be done with good copy in lots of ways. For instance:

Copy/writing is a skill. It is a learned craft which is improved by years of experience. Use my experience. Use my imagination.

Talk your concepts over with me, and get great copy.

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