Review – Schopenhauer’s Telescope by Gerard Donovan

Schopenhauer's Schopenhauer's Telescope by Gerard Donovan

Schopenhauer’s Telescope Gerard Donovan (Scribner) Schopenhauer’s Telescope is Gerard Donovan’s first novel.  Best keep your own ‘scope trained for more of this author’s work because it is burgeoning with promise.  Schopenhauer’s Telescope presents a conversation between two men.  One is digging a large hole in the ground in the frozen Northern European ground. The other is watching […]

Review – The Seal Wife by Kathryn Harrison

The Seal Wife by Kathryn Harrison

The Seal Wife – Kathryn Harrison Fourth Estate Fiction Kathryn Harrison’s latest novel is set in Anchorage, Alaska. The year is 1915. Bigelow, product of an emotionally starved upbringing, has been ordered by the Weather Bureau for whom he works, to open up for them in Alaska.  He must set up a weather forecasting station in the […]

Review – Mercy Among the Children by David Richard Adams

Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards

Mercy Among the Children David Adams Richards Jonathon Cape – Random House That’s the way books work isn’t it?  By working the emotions.  We are obliged with books to create our own images, and these are always produced with some sort of feeling, an emotion.   Mercy Among the Children is a book that thoroughly engages your emotions, […]