Evolution Requires a Concept

Photo Theresa Sjoquist

Do you know in your mind what you think a human being could be? Have you got a picture in your mind of what an enlightened human being could be?  What, in your world,would be the highest expression of a human being, the most enjoyable, and the most gracious that you can think of without […]

Imagination is the Key

Imagination is the key to living well. What we can imagine, we can create. Albert Einstein imagined himself sitting on the front of a rocket speeding through space and the knowledge he gained from imagining that resulted in his now very famous E=MC theory. Sometimes imagination leads to discoveries, as opposed to creations. Radio waves […]

No Buts for the Imagination

Photo Theresa Sjoquist

I recognise the idealism, but also the possibility in the concept of peace.  Your BUT, is the thing that everyone says, thus taking away from your capacity to imagine a world of peace. Oh yes, they say, peace would be marvellous BUT it will never happen, BUT there’s too much against it, BUT there’ll always be […]