Kumaras – New Zealand Sweet Potatoes

Left, -Golden Kumara, centre - standard kumara, right - Rekamarauroa Kumara

Brief discussion of kumara growing in NZ by Maori, gardening in the ancient Maori way, and the re-establishment of the ancient Rekamarauroa kumara strain. When Maori first migrated across the Pacific to New Zealand a thousand years ago, they brought with them over 60 varieties of kumara (sweet potato).Today commercialism has meant a concentrated cultivation […]

Vegetarian Spiced Kumara (Sweet Potato) & Feta Patties

Vegetarian Spiced Kumara and Feta cheese patties served with mango chutney and avocado - Photo Theresa Sjoquist

Vegetarian Spiced Kumara (Sweet Potato) & Feta Patties Delicious vegetarian, very filling, sweet potato and feta cheese patties served with sliced avocado, and mango chutney – comfort food to die for! In New Zealand, Kumara is the traditional sweet potato and my preference, but any sweet potato will work. If you are not a vegetarian, […]