Happy 35th birthday BioGro!

This year marks the significant milestone of 35 Years of certifying organic production for BioGro, New Zealand’s largest certifier. It’s also a milestone for organics. David Woods was part of BioGro’s inception. He says there were three main organic groups in New Zealand in the early 80s: the Soil and Health Association of New Zealand […]

Organics is Where the Business Is

In clever business hands driven by a green philosophical approach New Zealanders should see organic food and products become more available and much more affordable. Peter Kraus, head of PK Group has long held green interests, maintaining significant organic gardens and orchards on his own property. He also has other arenas of interest – he […]

Hungry for Organics

  Theresa Sjoquist explores what’s behind the supply and price of the organic food we buy, and how we might improve the range and reliability at a reasonable cost. If organic food lovers  make any complaints, they are most often that organic food is expensive, and, it is hard to find, especially a consistent supply. Consumers could […]

Review – The Wild Green Yonder – Philippa Jamieson

The Wild Green Yonder is a gentle read, spiced occasionally with self-deprecating humour, and sometimes, downright ironic NZ wit. Philippa takes us on a two and half year tour with her as she WWOOFs her way around New Zealand. WWOOFing is the participation in a scheme (Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms)to stay with and experience […]