Fungi Fervour

Klaus Lotz of Permadynamics in Matapouri is the first mushroom grower in New Zealand to achieve biodynamic certification with Demeter for two types of mushrooms: Shiitake (lentinula edodes) and Oyster (pleurotus ostreatus) mushrooms. There is one other certified organic mushroom producer in new Zealand, Hillcroft Mushrooms in Napier. The production process at Permadynamic uses only […]

Biogas – Free Renewable Energy

Highlighting a low-cost way to generate energy while using on-farm resources, reducing greenhouse gases, and ending up with a rich fertiliser. Klaus Lotz has had a bee in the bonnet about biogas since he first learned about it at age 17.  Klaus and Vanessa and their family operate PermaDynamics at Matapouri, Northland, New Zealand’s largest […]

Permadynamics – New Zealand’s largest banana plantation

Permadynamics has the largest banana plantation in New Zealand: over 200 productive clumps, each of which produces between 60 and 70 kilos of fruit per year. Klaus Lotz and his family primarily grow Ladyfinger bananas (aka Misi Luki), but they also grow a smaller tangier Cavendish-like variety known as Goldfinger. “Banana growth is governed by […]

Permadynamics – Reaping Abundance

Ladyfinger bananas in the middle of winter at the Whangarei Farmers Market?  I’d found the owners of New Zealand’s largest banana plantation, a diverse sub-tropical wonderland. From just two acres at Matapouri, Klaus Lotz and his family sell vetiver plants, banana cuttings and a variety of fresh produce. A passionate permaculture expert who incorporates biodynamics […]